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Friday, 10 June 2011

Nadal crashes out of Queens!!

Looking through the news at the end of the day today I saw the results from the Queens turnament in London and a headline grabbed my eye. The headline read that Tsonga has defeated Nadal in 3 sets!!!
This came a shock to me even though I suspected that he was tired from the French Open and wasn't up to his best I expected him to win against any player in the tournament well maybe except Murray which the grass suits very well. This I think is another piece of evidence that Nadal is not a very good grass player and that he always struggles in the first few rounds at Wimbledon because the grass is very fast at that time but he's much better later on in the finals and semi-finals as the grass has eroded away and the whole surface is much slower. I think with Wimbledon coming up I see Federer being the favorite with Djokovic being my second bet. So the next couple of weeks is gong to be interesting for tennis fans.


  1. Wow is it that time of year already?!
    It should be interesting to see what happens at Wimbledon. My bet is on Federer as well.

  2. Hopefully we will see him rise to glory again. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Is tennis really so much about the grass or ground conditions in general? I mean, it sounds logical.

  4. I think it's grass as Nadal seems to do very well on any different ground conditions.