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Friday, 10 June 2011


Welcome to the blog people!
I'm going to be talking about tennis and all it's aspects.
In my opinions tennis is full of variety which makes it a great game that has some of the best athletes in the world like Federer and Nadal. Now with Djokovic being in the top 3 in the world it couldn't be more interesting with two best players ever having matches of their life and a young contender which is trying to break into the cage of the masters which has been unreachable for the last few years.
So yeah what do You think of tennis?


  1. I think tennis is great but it burned my house down the first time! You're welcome for the comment!

  2. Burned down your house? what kind of house are we talking about? I suppose minecraft. Thanks for the comment its good to have someone to talk to. ;)

  3. i've never really got an interest for tennis, but seeing your post I think I'll try watching it some more!

  4. Lots of my freinds played tennis but they all stopped. I liked to watch them playing, therefore I'm interested in your reviews and thoughts.

  5. Thanks I will try to keep everyone updated. :)